Mish Mash

April 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been nuts, mental busy. Between moving house, learning new songs, learning guitar playing styles and simple funk licks, balancing a chaotic social life and somewhere in the middle dreaming this has been a hectic few weeks……I wouldn’t have it any other way…..okay, I would!

Normally I would have been practicing guitar solo’s and lead parts which I love but knee deep in an “edgy pop” project I have found myself meditating  on the most simplistic guitar parts which are to be honest far more challenging. It seem’s there’s more room for error. However the buzz I’m getting from listen to classic pop and funk to discover the building block’s of songs is great! It’s so simple but man you gotta nail it bigtime and when you do it just get’s head’s moving. First of all I’ll say Rick James is where I am at right now and he is filthy funky! Such grooves! You can’t help but dance. Although the mounting pressure of different project’s was just about manageable it has reworked my angle as a guitar player…and in just one week!

So in the middle of all this it was my brother’s birthday and I went to meet him with some friends in Limerick city and we had a blast! Not only was the city vibrant (due to the match) but there was a very relaxed buzz about the place, I was totally recharged being there. The media give’s it quite a slating but again and time has proven it’s mostly in certain area’s the government tends to ignore. I took a spin to Moyross and it was like entering  another world, a place where few want to go, again people fear what they don’t understand. Horse’s and kid’s playing around was all I seen but I was told I hadn’t seen the worst parts. Every built up area in a class system has “ghetto’s” It’s a monetary problem a massive divide between rich and poor and fuck me isn’t there quite a line drawn in this country. I often wonder about bankers who crippled the country walking free as criminal’s and young ” delinquent ‘s” are brought to court for minor or major crimes that effect a small part of the community, I mean think of the effect a handful of bankers’s and politicians have had on all the happiness and well being of the people in this country?!

So I arrived back in Sligo refreshed having been in deep thought(and dancing) about Limerick beautiful and relaxing while also being dark I felt it time to dive back into the funk/pop licks and get moving, I’m walking this stuff now in my head. When I went to learn new tune’s they fell into place I just knew where the right notes went and what kind of phrasing to use and I just twigged it, I’ve gone back to my youth! I grew up on Michael Jackson, David Bowie and The Police to name but a few and that was proper pop. I even found myself listening to Bruno Mar’s and an old voice in my head (one that sounded like a  metal fan in bruxelles, Dublin) saying ” sellout ” but  I’m like cooking this stuff, It is brilliant, It’s like a golden era of pop again! Amazing writer’s like Lady Gaga, and Bruno are really getting me going what can I say I’m going through a mish mash of Pop/Rock n Funk…I always knew I was a pop fan trapped in a rock fan’s body!


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