I just woke up!

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment


I just woke up and near two years has passed since a good friend bought me a domain name and suggested I write a blog. Well time has flown by and no blog and out of nowhere there have been sign’s so long story short I’m now writing my blog, Duane’s World Music and musings from the world of Duane!

So what is going on in Duane’s World?

Plenty, between playing gigs and hopping into different studio’s about the place I am kept busy. I have been working with different songwriters and artists some of which include Newsunsethotel and Perry Blake on different project’s they are involved in. This an exciting and ear opening time for me, from indie to pop and country to ball’s out rock Duane’s World is turning into a tasty dish with many flavor’s for a curious palate!

I have also been learning about working with other’s in a studio environment. I think music can sometime’s be a solitary role and when working with other’s social skill’s can do with a little dusting, that coupled with a songwriter’s attachment to their work and a wary eye for the editing side of production. Because I have worked in a few different genre’s of late I have learned to respect the attitude’s of other but also to have a voice in the heat of the creative process, There’s no incense burning or Chakra’s been opened where I’ve been working! Patience,understanding and contribution come to mind, a side I don’t often show in a sustainable way at least, maybe it’s because I’ve found my role as a musician and I am this person when I’m honest……Did I just have an epiphany?! I am loving Duane’s World right now.

Sadly this month one of my Idol’s passed away and it had quite an effect on me. Gary Moore died at 58 year’s of age in his sleep. Why was I so sad? Well some of his music was the soundtrack of my youth, my teen years to be more specific and now he’s gone. I was only listening to some questionable recording’s that a man had taken at a live concert in Sweden and Gary was on form. He had returned to his Celtic Rock era and was playing heart and soul so I was gearing up all excited to see him again, even though the quality of the recording’s weren’t great it still gave me shivers to hear him play. He was an icon, and bridge between the north and the south in Ireland saying in one of his songs

When I came across the border I was following my nose, Dublin City ’69 there could have been no better place there was no better time

He had a huge influence on Irish rock music during his time in Thin Lizzy and went on to have a successful solo career recording and performing with man of the blue’s greats. It’s funny how someone you have never met can have a lasting emotional impact on you. His music was there when it was needed like a good friend so as a result I have been drawn back to my guitar ferociously, I can’t put it down playing along to his songs!

I haven’t enjoyed playing in such a long time and it’s really bringing the best out of me, R.I.P Gary Moore.

So into the week I go, I’m giving a friend a guitar lesson which I haven’t done in some time so that should be interesting, The studio for some pop guitar tracks, Gig’s and perhaps a trip to the local yoga spot, God know’s I could do with but that’s another rant!


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