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A short note on the progress of new tunes as its been a while since ive posted new music or news on Myspace. Ive been recording a number of tunes of late, some new and some old. The new ones are a real buzz and im enjoying the process of home recording, its a real challenge figuring out the in’s n out’s of recording software and the results one can produce without outside influence! The older songs that im recording i wrote with some of my bandmates from the ‘LEGACY’ days and its great to discover the roots of my love of metal and its sub-genres.

My Plan is to play a local gig to air this new material, a showcase of the old days(some material which was never performed live) and the new songs that are as fresh as a newly dug grave or bread ( whichever school of thought you come from)! All this married with my love of local bands in Sligo and the support of music lovers, When i played with ‘LEGACY’ Adrian Murren, Ronaldo Conlon, Les Jones and Caleb Gilmartin Sligo was a very different place, there was not as much goin on and we certainly wern t as affluent as the last decade but not as surrounded by unease as we are as a country now.

There was fire in those gigs, real belief in the metal covers we played and our originals, The people who came to those gigs fueled our fire and added to my love of music to this day. It is my hope that when i air these songs some of that spirit will be there and it adds to the Sligo music scene that is already exploding with the likes of The Oddsocks Revival, Red Brick House, Big Box etc. Now more than ever we need an entertainment scene to enjoy and let go of the false bullshit economy and its spread of materialism. I love seeing artists of all kind floating around Sligo Taking photos, Painting, Busking, performing and emanating creativity.

I think the creative streak in everyone allows us to be free of whatever trouble we believe ourselves to be in, So i want to chip in to the scene for my own joy but also others who (if they enjoy the music!) want to come along and have a blast at a gig, Hope to see ye soon! Duane

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